Capital Tools Group Co. Limited

About Us

Capital Tools is an industry leader for over 30 years specializing in tungsten carbide tools, such as endmills, drills,router bits, saw blades for the woodworking, plastics, aluminum, composite and metal industry.

Capital Tools is adhering to "reduce costs, improving efficiency, sincere cooperation and mutual benefit". Products are widely used in electronics, micro motor manufacturing, acrylic cutting, mold manufacturing, mechanical processing, precision stamping, industry, chemical industry, plumbing equipment, aerospace and other fields. Excellent product quality, low operating cost, and quality of sale service

From R & D to product design, with many years of manufacturing experience in all kinds of cutting tools and precision metal mold parts, the production of fine products, quality and stability. Capital Tools has entered into a further innovative stage and company products continue to expand in overseas markets with new foreign expertise. Our team will continue to pursue the" customer satisfaction, allows users to trust " service standards, Our customers comes from Europe, America, South East Asia, Africa, etc.