1/8" Shank Carbide Flat Nose End Mill Cutter CNC Router Bits Double Flute Spiral Set Tool, Cutting Edge Length 25mm, Overall length 50mm

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CNC router bits / End Mills Carbide / Milling Cutter

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • -Number of flutes: 2; Shank diameter(SD): 3.175mm(1/8") approx; Cutting edge diameter (CED): 3.175mm(1/8") approx.
  • -Cutting edge length (CEL): 25mm(0.98") approx.; Overall length: 50mm(1.97")
  • -High-density polished, wear-resistant, high temperature.
  • -Designed for engraving Copper, Aluminum ,ABS, Acrylic, PVC, Nylon, Resin, most plastics ect..
  • -Ideal for 3D relief sculpturing, milling,cutting, engraving, slotting, etc.

Product Details

Material: Carbide 
Number of flutes: 2 
Shank diameter(SD): 3.175mm(1/8") approx. 
Cutting edge diameter (CED): 3.175mm(1/8") approx. 
Cutting edge length (CEL): 25mm(0.98") approx. 
Overall length: 50mm(1.97") 
Suitable material: Nylon, Resin, ABS, Acrylic, PVC, MDF, Hardwood and other three-dimensional sculpture, surface machining, etc. 

High-density polished, wear-resistant, high temperature. 
High cost-effective, improve efficiency. 
Mainly used in cutting and engraving. 

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