Carbide Square Nose End Mill, Inch, TiCN Finish, Finishing Cut, 45 Degree Helix, 2 Flutes, 1.5" Overall Length, 0.125" Cutting Diameter, 0.125" Shank Diameter

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Router Bit / CNC Engraving Bit / Milling Cutter

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • -45-degree helix provides efficient cutting action and chip evacuation required to machine aluminum and other nonferrous materials
  • -Two flutes offer better chip-carrying capacity than end mills with more flutes, enhancing the tool’s ability to remove material
  • -Wiper flat on cutting edges for a smoother finish than conventional end mills
  • -Titanium carbon nitride (TiCN) coating lubricates the end mill for high-temperature stability and offers the abrasion resistance required to machine aluminum and other nonferrous materials
  • -Square nose end mills (also called square end) create sharp, unrounded cuts

Product Details

 TiCN-coated carbide square nose end mill has two flutes, a wiper flat, and a 45-degree helix, making it suitable for high-performance, fine-finish cuts on aluminum and other nonferrous materials. Its 45-degree helix angle offers increased cutting action compared to end mills with lower helix angles, as it moves excess material quickly up the spiral and away from the workpiece. The two flutes have better chip-carrying capacity than end mills with more flutes while offering additional support when the tool goes deep into the material in applications with a high depth of cut. A wiper flat on the cutting edges provides a smoother finish to the workpiece than conventional end mills. The tool’s square end has straight cutting edges that create sharp, unrounded cuts. The center-cutting design has cutting teeth at the end of the tool, so it can be fed straight into the workpiece like a drill bit.

The carbide substrate is harder than high-speed or cobalt steel, making it more wear resistant at high speeds and providing longer tool life. The TiCN coating offers the increased hardness and abrasion resistance required to machine aluminum and other nonferrous materials compared to uncoated end mills. Cutting diameter tolerance is +0.000 to -0.002”. The round shank accommodates a variety of holders.

End mills are designed to remove material and create three-dimensional shapes or profiles. They have cutting edges along the outside diameter and flutes that remove chips from the cutting area and allow cooling fluids to enter. If heat is not reduced effectively, the tool’s cutting edges will dull and additional material buildup can occur. The number of flutes typically ranges from two to eight. Two-flute designs offer the most efficient chip removal, but more flutes provide a smoother finish. The shank is the end of the tool held in place by a tool holder or machine. Center-cutting end mills can make plunge cuts similar to a drill bit.

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